SCOPE Uganda is a network organization that is working tirelessly to root Permaculture in Schools and communities where there is an urgency for young people to learn nature friendly farming skills to enhance environmental care and attain a better livelihood.  We also promote the sharing of experiences by partners who are committed to assisting schools and colleges to demonstrate sustainable land use with a view of enhancing healthy environments in and out of school .We build the capacity of partner organizations, in Permaculture and other regenerative practices to amplify their impact in communities where they work.

SCOPE  is a member of Regional Schools and colleges Permaculture program (ReSCOPE) which comprises of country Chapters in Kenya, Zimbabwe ,Zambia ,Malawi, Uganda. We create a platform for advocacy and networking in order to raise a common voice. This advocacy is done through media engagements like talk shows on most listened to radios in the different areas, participating in trade shows, carrying out community trainings among others.

 Our Scope of work

We  are a network of organizations that work with schools, colleges in functional landscaping of formerly bare  grounds,  Environmental Education, ecological and climate smart Sustainable agriculture, School health and nutrition . We aim at creating a common space that encourages information sharing and collaboration between like minded organizations. Schools and colleges are used as entry point into communities.



Our scope of work

SCOPE’s work is about: Land care, creating a favorable learning environment in schools as well as connecting schools to their communities