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SCOPE Uganda is a network organization that is working tirelessly to root Permaculture in Schools and communities where there is an urgency for young people to learn nature friendly farming skills to enhance environmental care and attain a better livelihood. 

SCOPE is a member of Regional Schools and colleges Permaculture program (ReSCOPE) which comprises of country Chapters in Kenya, Zimbabwe ,Zambia ,Malawi, Uganda. We create a platform for advocacy and networking in order to raise a common voice.

We helped more than 17 million children and their families last year.


What Makes Us Different?

Using Schools as entry Points to Permaculture

Schools are centers of knowledge

Schools are places where the present and the future meet. Future, leaders, teachers, doctors, politicians, policy makers e.t.c. are in schools. This makes schools excellent vectors for rooting permaculture and other life changing practices amongst all change makers.

Children & the youth

Children and the youth still have virgin brains and are open to learning nature friendly techniques. On top of this, they transfer this knowledge to their families at homes, enabling families to grow abundant nutritious foods.

Community-School Connection

Every person in the community is connected to the school. I.e. A teacher, a former teacher, a parent/ guardian, a former student, (old boys and girls) a friend or an opinion leader. This makes schools the best entry points for permaculture in communities.

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Why food forests?

Turning a desert land into a food forest takes a lot of commitment and resources especially in terms of practical trainings, but it has a lot of impact to all school stake holders and the community as a whole when they see a desert gradually changing into a food forest.

We incorporate ethics of Permaculture as well as integrated land Use designs to create sustainable gardens.

During these trainings, we engage all community stakeholders including students, teachers, school administration, parents, PTAs, local leaders.

3 million+ children helped

25+ years of service

198 community Staff/Guides

198 community centers

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Working Together to End Hunger

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The core purpose for developing food forests is because of environmental destruction that has greatly fueled hunger, malnutrition and poverty in rural communities.

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